1978 Chevrolet C10

Custom Deluxe Fleetside - LWB

74,000 Original Miles



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Priced To Move Quick (NADA Guide $4,300). Garage kept since new. My father bought the truck June 1, 2000 from the original owner with 41,400 miles, original owner used only for camping. I took ownership on April 1, 2004 with 43,213 miles (4 years <2,000 miles), all miles/service documented since our family. All fluids changed 3,000 miles or semi-yearly. Stored winter's, 0 miles added last 33 monthhs, (saw snow once in the last 10 years). Very clean body, no patch panels, only a couple small bondo areas, all original paint most of truck sanded down with any surface rust repaired and primered (as said, very little bondo) interior, hood, roof, bed still in original paint, I was waiting to completely smooth out the body when all repair was finished, some other minor surface rust. Planned spray on bedliner. Truck almost ready for paint. Bumpers could need to be stripped and painted. Stereo set up for tailgating. Interior is very, very clean. Frame is very clean.

I originally used as a daily driver for three years, then it became my hobby. It’s a great base for easy restoration, finish her up as is with some wheels/tires and paint and you’re ready for cruise night. Or if you want a very solid truck for a full restoration, you won't find a better body/frame anywhere. Certainly not in the midwest. Not driven daily since Oct. 2008.


5.7L (350in³) V8 – TH350 Automatic Transmission – Power Steering – Power Brakes – CD/MP3 Player

New Front End - Tie Rods, Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints, etc. (2006)

New Master Cylinder (2005)

New Alternator (2007) and Battery (2009)

New Radiator and Hoses (2008)

New Summit Cam and Lifters, slightly larger than stock(2008)

New Summit Double Roller Timing Chain and Gears (2008)

All Valves, Springs, Rockers and Pushrods Inspected PERFECT (2008)

New Distributor, Wires and Plugs (2008)

Rebuilt Quadrajet (2008) running rich since last winter, can't figure that one out, damn Q-Jet (have spare carb for parts) Honestly, only on cold starts, lots of unburned fuel, I'm told soaked float or other minor clog. A good Edelbrock manifold and carb could take of this easily, and bump the HP.

New Fuel Pump/Filter (2008)

New Starter with Heat Jacket (2008)

New Temperature and Oil Sensors (2008)

New Headers, Mufflers, and Dual Exhaust(2008)

Lots of minor body work completed (2008/2009)

Over $2,000.00 Invested in 2008-2009

Nothing else held back here either. Has 2 small dents in hood. Oil pan has minor leak, it's the rear three screws, long story (I have the new gaskets and new oil pan), it could use tires (the tread is great but being parked so long there cold be some rot). Suspension shows age but gives it a good stance. Needs a new trans-cooler line (rusted through), drivable to destination, but needs replacement. Maybe valve guides too (should've replaced those when I had the engine apart). That's it!